You Filed Your Claim, Now What?

Hurricane Irma left extensive damage to many Floridian homes. Homeowners not only had to face costly repairs to their home and property, but they also had to deal with insurance companies and filing claims under their homeowners’ insurance policy. But what happens after? You have filed your claim, but where is your compensation? Why is your insurance company so slow to respond? If you have questions about the handling your insurance claim, contact C.W. Smith Law for more information.

Written Proof of Claim

A written sworn proof of claim is the document which presents some general information, explains your damages and the cost of repair to your insurance company. Typically this includes pictures of the damage and any receipts or quotes for repairs completed as result of the storm. This document should be put together to explain what it will take to restore your house to its original condition. It may take some time to gather all the necessary information and materials, but proof of claim can be submitted with estimates or summaries of the items which need to be replaced and the repairs needed.  A supplement with better numbers for the cost of repairs following the hurricane can then be provided later. It is important to keep in mind that most insurance companies claim strict deadlines for submitting your proof of claim. Some insurance policies require that you submit your written and sworn proof of claim within 90 days of the loss. Not meeting the deadline, may result in denial of claims.

If you have extensive damage, the waiting time for the completion of repairs or obtaining repair estimates can last for weeks due to others waiting to receive the same assistance. In this instance, you may need to submit a rough estimate and formally request an extension from your insurance company to submit your full damages.

The Importance of an Attorney

Meeting deadlines for submitting a sworn proof of claim and providing sworn statements per your policy is critical to getting your claim approved and paid. Keeping an attorney by your side will give you an advantage in filing your claim as they can make sure all conditions precedent to your claim are met. Hiring an attorney may seem unnecessary and expensive; however, if suit is required then the insurance company will likely have to pay your attorney’s fees under the Florida Statute Section 627.428. Meaning, the pursuance of a legal course of action against your insurance company could potentially eliminate the dreaded attorney fees at your expense. Additionally, initial consultations are usually free of charge.

Attorneys are incredibly beneficial to any case. They are highly experienced in handling the difficulties brought upon by insurance companies. They will work diligently to provide you with the assistance you need.

Let Us Help

Do not suffer through the confusion and frustration of filing an insurance claim alone. An attorney will make sure your proof of claim deadlines are met. More importantly, they will put forth efforts to have obtain the compensation necessary to mitigate home repair costs caused by Hurricane Irma. If you are interested in learning more, contact C.W. Smith Law for help with your home owners’ insurance claim.

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