Jury Verdicts/ Settlements

Personal Injury/ Bodily Injury Cases
Jury Verdicts/ Settlements


The choice of attorney to represent you in your case is an important decision which should not be based on any one individual factor, including the past results of an attorney or a law firm. The results obtained by Chuck Smith in other cases as set forth below were based upon the specific facts, legal issues, and insurance coverage which were specific to each unique case and you should not assume or expect that he will obtain the same result in your case. The information presented below is to reflect the past experience of Mr. Smith in litigating cases and appeals in Florida and Iowa, but because each case is different, prior results are no guarantee or prediction of a similar outcome in your case.

Mr. Smith has successfully represented thousands of clients in his career and primarily handles personal injury suits including work related injuries, motor vehicle accident cases, dog bite cases, premises liability cases, workers’ compensation claims, first party insurance/ property damage claims, insurance coverage disputes, civil rights cases including school negligent supervision cases, complex litigation, and appeals.  He also handles Longshore & Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act and Defense Base Act claims, Unemployment Compensation appeals and State of Florida disability claims.  He has tried multiple personal injury cases to verdict in State and Federal Court, has tried over sixty workers’ compensation final hearings/ trials, and has handled fifteen appeals in State and Federal Court, including oral arguments before the First and Fifth District Courts of Appeal in Florida.

Personal Injury Cases

-$76.6 million jury verdict in 2009 in Brevard County. After representing a client in workers’ compensation claims where two separate determinations of no workers’ compensation insurance coverage were made, Mr. Smith was able to obtain a $76.6 million jury verdict for his client related to employer negligence resulting in catastrophic injuries to his client. Although there was only $300,000.00 in bodily injury coverage, this matter was subsequently settled for well in excess of that insurance coverage.

-$2.2 million settlement of Jones Act/ Maritime personal injury action for client suffering from severe Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy/ Complex Regional Pain Syndrome secondary to severe fractures of extremity.

-$550,000.00 settlement of Iowa motor vehicle accident case with lumbar fusion and closed head injuries stemming from collision with negligently driven tractor trailer.

-$420,000.00 settlement of Orange County motor vehicle accident causing severe internal crush type injuries which resulted in extended hospital stay with two surgeries.

-$400,000.00 settlement of Pinellas County suit against employer related to two story fall on construction site with resulting broken bones and several surgeries.

-$150,000.00 settlement of Orange County work related accident caused by negligent stacking of stock in docking bay which caused cervical injuries with surgical recommendations.

-$135,000.00 settlement of Orange County work related gross negligence vs. Employer suit stemming from hand being crushed by crane operator.

-$75,000.00 settlement of non-surgical cervical injuries from disputed Seminole County liability motor vehicle accident.

-$74,900.00 settlement of Seminole County gross negligence suit against employer for work related accident by employee resulting in non-surgical injuries.

-$56,000.00 settlement of Seminole County negligence suit against home owner by contractor forced to place rugs under his ladder and resulting fall and in broken wrist.

-$50,000.00 settlement of civil rights case for negligent destruction of deceased baby’s ashes.

-$30,000.00 settlement of Brevard County Jones Act trip and fall with recommended wrist surgery.

-$30,000.00 settlement of Orange County motor vehicle accident with damage to teeth stemming from lack of seatbelt usage.

-$28,110.84 Brevard County jury verdict for injuries sustained by client when bitten by coral snake in rental home of Defendant.

Workers’ Compensation Claims

-$750,000.00 settlement of Volusia County workers’ compensation claim resulting in catastrophic leg injuries.

-$448,426.00 settlement of Orange County claim stemming from lifting on the job with subsequent back surgeries.

-$300,000.00 settlement of Brevard County claim stemming from being hit by crane strap with resulting injuries to arm, neck and back.

-$300,000.00 settlement of Seminole County claim stemming from folding chair collapse with resulting concussion, back surgery and neck injuries.

-$275,000.00 settlement of Brevard County Longshore & Harbor Workers’ Compensation claim involving foot fracture which resulted in severe pain condition known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy or Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

-$250,000.00 settlement of Brevard County hand crush claim resulting in severe pain condition known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy or Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

-$246.750.00 settlement of complex Brevard County claim stemming from on the job electrocution and resulting conditions.

-$230,750.00 settlement of Orange County claim stemming from on the job bus accident with injuries to head and jaw with resulting TMJ and depression.

-$200,000.00 settlement of Brevard County back injury claim resulting in lumbar fusion and significant disability.

-$200,000.00 settlement of Volusia County claim from fall resulting in back fusion surgery.

-$175,000.00 settlement of Orange County knee claim after successfully obtaining knee replacement surgery under workers’ compensation.

-$165,750.00 settlement of Orange County claim stemming from fall resulting in injuries to leg and hip with resulting blood clots and deep vein thrombosis.

-$125,000.00 settlement of non-surgical Brevard County workers’ compensation claim.

-$100,000.00 settlement of Polk County head injury claim with disputed claimed seizure condition.